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Welcome. I am Meera Thosar, Professional Canine Trainer and Behaviourist I have trained under Shirin Merchant (Canines Can Care, Mumbai) and under John Rogerson (Northern Centre for Canine Training and Behaviour, UK). I have also trained in Practical Training Exercises and Concepts, Explosives' Detection, Hearing and Guide Dog Handling, Competitive Obedience Training and Tracking. So far, I have trained around 200 dogs belonging to different breeds like the Labrador Rt, Golden Rt, Boxer, Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd, Lhasa Apso, Beagle, Bull Mastiff, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, Great Dane, English Bull Dog, Iris Setter, St. Bernard, Boston Terrier and many Mongrel pets.

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Refresher Training Sessions:

Practise makes one perfect. And this works with your pet as well. Obedience and Commands need to be practised. Regular homework is the key. This refresher program is for trained dogs with which their owner’s have some problems, like recall, leash pulling, ignorance and sometimes ACTIVE DISOBEDIENCE. With the help of refreshing program you can sort out small problems and get your pet on track.

Behaviour Modification

Dogs are social animals. They learn through their experiences, good and bad. These experiences create associations. Behavior Modification allows us to change this associations and channel your pet’s behaviour in positively, by changing the way your dog thinks, reacts and behaves in a given situation. This is different from training. In training you teach the dog to perform, for example, to sit. By applying behaviour modification techniques, with proper guidance Happytails will help your dog to modify his unwanted behaviour . At Happytails, we help your pet and you overcome situations like: Fear & Separation anxiety Excessive barking Food aggression Dog to Dog Aggression Dog to Children Aggression Dog to Human Aggression Chasing Destructive chewing Housebreaking/ Toilet Training Coprophaegia (Eating faeces) Obsessive compulsive disorder

Puppy day Care Facilities (Age upto 5 months)

Puppy day care works much like a day care for small kids. It is not a good idea to left your puppy alone at home for more than one hour. In the morning, send your young puppy to me for his day care when you are at work and take him back in the evening while going home. During your puppy’s stay at day care, he will be able to get socialized with other people and dogs. This facility is open only from Mon-Friday. Your puppy will be happy if you spend your weekend with him. What the Day Care facility offers: Clean and safe environment for young puppies. Plenty of play and exercise with lots of toys. Regular potty breaks to promote house training. Constant love and affection. Temperament grooming sessions.



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