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GEMS Hospital & Endoscopy Centre for Women is for each one of you who wishes to get the most out of life. GEMS employs modern obstetrics and gynecology practices where the latest trends in women’s services are offered in a comfortable and friendly environment. It provides complete and most current care to women to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. From pregnancy and delivery to women’s health issues including heavy bleeding and menopausal problems, GEMS works with you every step of the way so you can make informed, effective healthcare choices.

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Preconception Counseling

During preconception counseling at GEMS Specialty Clinic For Women, we look for anything that may cause problems either during your pregnancy or for you or your baby after the birth. If testing does indicate some potential risks, the doctors will look for ways to eliminate or reduce those risks, in order to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Antenatal Classes

The Stork has arrived!! Congratulations to the proud parents to be. Welcome to GEMS Hospital once again for a memorable experience of antenatal care & child birth. After we confirm your pregnancy, you will be submitted to a few basic blood tests, you will be given instructions regarding exercise & diet and to how to cope up with minor pregnancy ailments. You will need scans once every 3 months. you will be subjected to a set of important blood tests like the double / triple marker test which tells you about the mental development of your baby. Please feel free to talk to our doctors & midwives. We are here to get all your concerns sorted out. We divide pregnancy in three trimesters; first ,Second & third. Most of you will visit us as soon as you have tested positive on your home pregnancy test kit. You may be undergoing a few symptoms like breast tenderness, excessive urination, stomach ache or backpain,etc. Please discuss all these with Dr. Bapaye and she will suggest some simple home remedies to over come this discomfort. In the first trimester you will be started on some basic prenatals & something to help you with your morning sickness & Acidity. Some medicines can be prescribed to ease this nauseatic feeling but changing dietary habits at this point holds an utmost importance. Initially your check-up will be once in every 3 weeks to one month but the frequency will increase as you near your due date. A basic sonography to confirm your pregnancy is mandatory. All this and more will be discussed with you at the time of your session with Dr. Bapaye.

40 Plus Clinic

The modern Indian urban mother might be worried about the health of her child and the well being of her family, but most of the times her own health takes a backseat. She often neglects her regular health checkups and delays visiting a doctor. This is the time when the most of the good eggs in your ovaries have been used up and slowly and steadily your hormonal levels (estrogen & progesterone) start falling. This leads to a number of mental, physical & emotional changes. So it is always wise to consult your gynaecologist. You need to routinely and timely follow the checkups after 40 & not take pride in saying that you didn't visit a gynaec after your delivery. It is necessary to see your gynaec at least once a year because they can diagnose small changes in your body for which they can suggest a number of minimally invasive methods to prevent it from progressing so that major health problems or surgeries can be avoided in the future. At Gems Hospital & Endoscopy Centre, we aim at providing women with complete gynecological care at every stage of their life. Especially after the age of forty, an annual check up is a must. Once enrolled in our 40 Plus Clinic, we make sure to remind you about your annual or half yearly complete health check up (as the case may be) and schedule an appointment for it to suit your convenience.



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